The PopUpPurge™ Was Featured in the News!

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Landing on page two of my state’s newspaper has me feeling both accomplished yet humbled! I’m sharing this because it’s exhilarating to deliver on what lights me up: creating inner clarity while curating a beautiful home environment. I enjoy working one-on-one with my clients but there’s only so many hours in my week. So now my recently published book is coming to the attention of even more Midlife Women who want to uncover what matters most now but aren’t quite sure where to begin. 

In fact, 2020 was a year of staying close to home for all of us. Who didn’t look around and see things in a different light? Who didn’t feel the urge to shed excess stuff? To make room for what is relevant and useful? Refining our homes to align with where we want to be resonants with all of us! So allow me to share a few resources to get you on your way!

PopUpPurge™ book

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my book, you can start with a Free Chapter right here! I hope you’ll find value in my approach to living with what matters most. 


And one of my most popular blog posts about leaning into our midlife chapter is over here.  Change is inevitable but making the most of it is a choice! Why not embrace it with positivity, curiosity and joy?

PopUpPurge™ in the News

Finally, the Arizona Republic column that featured Yours Truly is right here!  It was actually on page two of the main section so not too shabby, eh!

I appreciate you taking time to digest my words about Clarity. I hope they give you the power to write your next life chapter with courage and confidence!

If you know of someone who would benefit, please share any of these resources … and thanks for stopping by!

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