The Key to Clarity: Embrace Your True Self

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Your True Self, Angie B

I’m passionate about decluttering because it creates clarity not only in our homes but in our outlook. And today, I’d like to introduce you to a friend, Angie B., whose mission is to advocate living our best lives by embracing a fashion lifestyle that promotes positivity and fun in a sustainable way … can’t argue with that outlook, can we! But what does Angie mean by this?

Let me share  3 building blocks that exemplify her True Self philosophy, which really aligns with my own.

Then I encourage you to head over to Angie’s blog. Follow along to check out her styling tips for yourself!

Building Block #1: Be a Unique Fashion Rebel 

Why follow the crowd when you can create your own sustainable capsule wardrobe that reflects your personal taste? Angie explains the current fashion trends but encourages us to bend them. In other words, adopt what works for your lifestyle, body type, and personal preferences. When you think about it, this is how a signature style is born. Rather than forever chasing the current “It Look”, consider establishing your own basic wardrobe components. Then infill with trendy accessories. This savvy approach ensures a timeless selection with a current pop!

Building Block #2: Cultivate your Body, Mind, and Spirit

There is a connection with our physical, mental and emotional aspects. Each needs to be fostered. Otherwise, just like a 3-legged stool, we will be out of balance when one is neglected.  Angie writes about how she personally tends to each of these components. For example, she and her husband are quite active creatively, pursuing various artistic avenues.  Do you allot dedicated time to replenish yourself? Or does this happen only when you’re already running on empty?

Building Block #3: Age Doesn’t Matter

As Angie explains, our “true self” is how we feel on the inside. Even though our physical selves age, our spirits can remain strong, curious, and positive. Certainly, we can play an active role in maintaining our physical, mental, and emotional health. And when we do so, the rewards are continued joy and bliss as we live our best lives. It follows that when we feel good and look good, our outlook is clear. We see all the possibilities ahead of us. How wonderful is that! And if you’re over 60 and adore leopard print, wear it often … it’s your True Style!

The Wrap

If shopping is your weakness, check out my holiday post  which was shared during the Christmas shopping season. There are three triggers shared that are universally felt throughout the year. Understanding these is the first step to deactivating those impulses.

Decluttering does not mean we can’t enjoy fashion! On the contrary, it’s about creating clarity with what we bring into our wardrobe. And it’s about recognizing what elevates our personal style. As Angie B. puts it, it’s what honors our True Self!

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