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change in a new season

A New Season Calls for a Change!

Midlife change can be unsettling, even when you know it’s coming your way! The kids are grown and on their own. Relationships sometimes end due to divorce or death. Our health may take a turn, whether temporarily or permanently. And careers are not bulletproof, either, are they. When change occurs with one of these midlife …

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clutter definition

What Exactly is Clutter…& Why Do I Have It?

Arriving at a basic definition of clutter is paramount to successfully clearing space in your place. “Release the clutter in your life and set yourself free!”  Who doesn’t want to savor this vibe! But, wait … what exactly are we supposed to get rid of? How much is too much? We are all different with …

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fashion flash midlife women

Introducing FashionFlash Monday!

Drumroll, please: I’m excited to share with you the knowledge and savvy of  fellow Midlife Female Bloggers! It’s an honor to join this group of fabulously talented women.  I am providing a roundup link to one valuable post from each of them. Each of these ladies seeks to optimize the present moment. Our collective goal …

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Why Do We Have So Much Stuff?

Most would agree that we have too many things. But how does this happen? And why does it feel difficult to declutter excess items? Let’s explore 3 common reasons…or what I call “clutter triggers”…as to why we accumulate too much. Knowing how we got here will make the decluttering easier to tackle.  And equally important: …

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