Plan Now for Decluttering Results in 2021!

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planning for decluttering 2021

Happy 2021!

Do you know why you’re going to declutter this year?

Sorry, I know … 2020 is barely in your rear-view mirror! But just like any resolution that you set, it’s important to identify in advance where you want to head and why you want to get there. Otherwise, it’s so easy to drift into the New Year with no specific plan, only general desires. You know how an hour flies by when scrolling through your social media accounts? How about postponing that? Instead, consider fitting in a short focus session about your space clearing goals.

I’m sharing three key steps which will clarify how doing this will amp up your life in 2021.  

In my personal coaching sessions, I always suggest starting at the beginning. This means getting to the heart of what you want to accomplish. Think of it this way:  if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Paris, would you simply hop on a plane and show up? Unless you’re a total free spirit with unlimited time and resources, probably not.   The same logic applies to your decluttering goal!

So let’s talk about what you want, what you need, and what you hope to accomplish with a decluttered home!

1. I want to declutter my home because…

The first step towards creating your personalized decluttering plan is to identify how clutter messes with your emotions. Does it stir up uneasy feelings? No one really wants a home crammed with stuff they don’t use, need, or love. But it happens over time to all of us. One person may feel embarrassed to entertain. Another may feel frustrated with searching for things that are hidden in crammed drawers or closets. Someone else may feel anxious looking at items from an Ex. In other words, what is unique about clutter is how it impacts our emotions and our daily life. 

2. I need to declutter my home because…

Next, write down why your clutter is a roadblock to what you need to do. Does your clutter prevent you from getting things done? Perhaps you need to move into a smaller space. Maybe the piles of paperwork mean your bills are not always paid on time. Or you’re consistently running late because your overflowing wardrobe makes it hard to get ready each day. So think about what needs you have that are hindered by your clutter and make note of them in your decluttering plan. 

3. I hope to free up time and money because…

Your third step is to capture your hopes and dreams of things you’d do … if only you had more time and money to pursue them. What would you do if you had more resources? It’s amazing how clutter can hold us hostage! How can we imagine something different if we never change? But change is hard to execute if we stay in place, surrounded by what no longer serves us well. Wish you could attend a culinary school? Want to travel cross country in an RV? These dreams and more could be possible if you didn’t have to spend time and money maintaining more than you need. Identifying what matters most is critical to pursuing your dreams!

Take time to plan your 2021 decluttering journey!

Feeling inspired to clear out the old to make way for the new? Fantastic! Take control of your direction. Craft a mini-Manifesto for why clearing space makes sense for you in 2021. This is for your eyes only so be honest. And be prepared for real results to unfold in this New Year!

 For more ideas on getting started, check out this post! Or listen to small but powerful uncluttering tips over here!

Ready to kick clutter to the curb? Where do you struggle with clutter: Your wardrobe? Your paperwork? Your photos? A little bit everywhere? Tell me where you’re going to head first….and thanks for stopping by! 


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