Midlife Adventures With Making New Friends

new midlife friends

This is a 6-minute article I recently published on a platform called Medium. It’s an amazing space for writers to write. The audience is comprised of said writers and also non-writers who love to read. Enjoy!

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What I learned

When I reflect on my last five decades, I’m not really a hermit. I’ve had a lot of female acquaintances but usually just one Bestie to do things with when I actually leave the home.

Now I know this is not unusual. But when social media shows women constantly hanging in squads, doing things with girlfriends they’ve known for years? Or easily bonding with women they meet in everyday situations? I sometimes feel like quite the outlier.

  • Three of them are Pretty Good: we easily pick up wherever we left off, the last time we chatted. They are invite-to-the-house worthy.
  • The last three are Solid Situationals: we don’t often talk, but when we do, it’s genuine.
New Midlife Friends

Your Turn!

What’s your female friendship situation at the midlife marker?

  • Have you also relocated and needed to start over like me?
  • Have your strongest friendships remained intact?
  • Have you stayed in the same location but also had a shift with who you hang with? What caused that?

Drop a comment below. I’d love to hear! 

And thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Midlife Adventures With Making New Friends”

  1. I relocated once to a tiny Equestrian town – very olde South. It was an interesting year.
    I have lived in my growing up zone & love it. Although Mickey Mouse sort of took my stomping grounds away.
    We continue to morph.

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