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When you get to midlife, it’s common to have too much stuff that no longer serves you well.

With my guidance, women feeling stuck have released years of excess clutter. Now they’ve shifted joyfully into a new season and so can you!

The feedback from my testimonials prove it!

Letting Go of Sentimental Stuff

Mary, because of your words about the emotional attachment to things, I was able to purge a LOT of things I’d been holding onto for a long time, like my children’s books and crafts. I’ve since emptied FOUR closets and TWO rooms. Thanks to you, I was able to do this with my mind at peace and I didn’t feel sad!

Susie, Montreal, CA

Making Room for Something Different

Your messages and delivery are so supportive, Mary! After going through your process for the last few months, I’ve made incredible headway with purging stuff in my house. I desperately needed to change things up. This was just the ticket for moving in a new direction after exiting Cancer-Land…. Thank you!!

Brenda, Hartford, CT

A Downsizing Move to Simplify Life

After living in one place for 22 years (unheard of, for us!) our stress level rose at the thought of moving. Mary’s help in prioritizing and coordinating all that had to be done was so efficient. She helped us make decisions of what to take and what would fit. Her insights and oversight made for a smooth transition from suburban life to an independent living community.

June & Earl, Scottsdale, AZ

A New Start on my Own

I’ve been slowly letting go of my late husband’s things. I was really stuck until I started working with you, Mary. You just get me! I now have created different routines to move ahead confidently into my new future.

Arlene, Portland, OR

Mindset Reset

You are a ray of sunshine, Mary! I love your commitment to helping women adjust to life’s changes. Once I examined why I’ve clung to too much, it was so much easier to let go. Your positive energy really inspired me to identify what matters to me and to release the rest…Thank you so much!

Stephanie, Phoenix, AZ

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When you’re 50+, the best decade for clearing space is now!

       Finally, it’s all about you and where you want to head next. But if you’re not quite sure where that is, start in the house … because decluttering what you no longer need, use, or want is a powerful path to a new direction!

      Together, let’s uncover inner clarity for your next chapter … and beyond!

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