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Is Decluttering Yet Another Unfinished Project?

PopUpPurge™ coaching programMost Empty Nest women are poised for something different.

We have an opportunity to fully pursue our own dreams! We’re excited yet uncertain with a dash of anxiety for what’s next. Slowly we start by clearing space. We’re tidying and rearranging.

But making real decluttering inroads? Not so much!

After all, there’s a lot of perfectly good stuff in the house. We might need or use it some day, right? Then we look at family photos, travel mementos or grandma’s china and the memories start flooding in. This is so much harder than we expected!

How do you clear space without feeling like you’re throwing away your past?

And so decluttering gets delayed for some other day. But when will that day come?

How long will you wait for your own new chapter to unfold and flourish?



Don't Get Stuck Before You Even Start!

When my small business initially guided Seniors with transitioning to a smaller space, I would see the same pattern occur:

First, momentum would halt as uncertainty, sadness and denial emerged. Then, paralysis set in with the endless decluttering decisions. But the clock was ticking on their scheduled moves!

I wondered, How could this be turned around?

First, I consoled my clients and affirmed the benefits of their future older adult community. Next, I gently redirected them towards what they needed and used every day. Then I invited them to share their stories of the keepsakes that truly embodied favorite memories of their full lives. Together, we tackled room by room, making informed selections. 

Ultimately, we got it done!

When emotions went south, we paused. Then we shifted, slowly but surely towards what mattered most. Their renewed positivity allowed them focus on What Could Be instead of on What Was! 

Not only were my clients grateful; so were their midlife children, who were unable to help. Some lived too far away or were immersed with their careers or their own children. Most of them had their own cluttered homes to address…

and just like that, I was inspired to speak to a younger generation!

The PopUpPurge™ is designed for 50+ midlife women just like you!


Why wait until these decisions have to be made under duress?

Why not start now and move mindfully into your next chapter?

When you reach the midlife milestone, your life’s journey is far from over! Instead, it’s a transition to the start of another epic road trip. And decluttering is the perfect vehicle for discovering where you want to head next.

The PopUpPurge™ program is designed to be your personal navigation system to get there in style… so you don’t get stalled on the sidelines! It puts you in the driver’s seat with me as your navigator. Sound intriguing?

As you examine and reset emotional mindsets, you’re able to release excess physical things. Because it’s never just about the stuff but how you feel about the way they define you! 

You’ll have real results from the real work you put into yourself when you arrive at a whole new space. Plus, you can always schedule additional guided rounds of decluttering to go deeper with what remains. It’s always up to you … and I’m always here for you!

Program Highlights...

A personalized approach of one-on-one guidance designed for your unique needs and goals.

Highlights include video calls, quick phone check-ins and daily emailed inspiration. We begin with planning and goal setting. Then your decluttering action kicks off in earnest!

Throughout your decluttering journey, we’re pausing and processing in between the purging of excess stuff. This is not a race! Reflecting on what stops you in your tracks is how we resolve those temporary roadblocks. And then? We keep moving forward!

Replace Chaos with Calm

Retain only what you need, use and love now!

Look and Feel Fabulous

Curate a closet with clothes that fit and flatter now!

Uncover your Next Purpose

Discover a new Midlife passion and direction now!

Picture The Possibilities!

When you decide it’s time to declutter, you’re feeling the tug to shift into a new chapter in your life. You’ve lived a full life but you’re not done yet. Just imagine how good it will look and feel when you take charge of how you want it to unfold!
It starts with editing your home. Now you have a calm, inviting atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door. Simply looking around brings a smile to your face. How empowering to see only what you need, use and love. No more piles, stacks or heaps of miscellaneous in your cabinets, pantry and drawers. You can readily find what you want and whatever you reach for has a purpose. Everything in your closet fits and flatters. When you look good, you feel good!
After all, physical decluttering directly leads to mental uncluttering. And vice versa. You see, it’s not just your home that gets revamped but your mindset as well. Letting go of clutter involves releasing a few limiting stories about yourself along the way, too!
You harness clarity throughout and within. You’re embracing just how fabulous YOU truly are! And now, you’re stepping confidently into your next chapter. How exciting is that?!

Time to Step Into Your Future?

When you want clarity with your next life chapter, nothing beats decluttering to uncover your new direction.

If you prefer to work one-on-one with my expert guidance, please complete the application below.

There are only two individual program slots available monthly, because my primary focus is helping as many women as possible through my writing and speaking.

I will personally review your submission and reply within 24 hours. Then in a scheduled private zoom call, we will discuss the next steps to getting you on your way. 

Are you Ready for Better? I think you are!

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