Free Clutter Busting Consult

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Free Clutter Busting Consult

Why book a Free Consult?


Because deciding what to keep and what to let go from a well lived life can be overwhelming!

 Everything you see and touch has meaning for you. It’s hard to know where to start! With my Clutter Busting Consult, we’ll uncover how to start clearing space for your future.


What happens during a Free Consult?


  • I’ll show you how to turn your clutter paralysis into mindful action!
  • We’ll explore the common pitfalls of hanging on to what no longer lifts you up!
  • You’ll hear about the benefits of a clear plan of attack!


Ready to Get Started? I’m Here for You!


A Free Consult is your One-Way Ticket to Clarity!


"I wasn't sure what we'd accomplish in less than an hour. But I reached out anyway because I've been an emotional wreck since my kids moved out. Wow, thank you for the wake up call! Our conversation made me feel so much better. You asked questions that really made me think. I want to embrace this new season and having you in my corner is what I could really use."
Sherry, Chicago, IL

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