Decluttering Doesn't Require an Advanced Degree...

… but it does call for dedicated reflection!

Why do we have the things we do? Why can’t we let them go? 

When we pause to reset the old stories that hold us hostage, we can edit our things freely with confidence and clarity!

“This dynamite book contains a wealth of information in an easy-to-follow format to assist in the dreaded task of decluttering your home. It is a practical guide with a little humor thrown in the mix that will guide you, step by step, in performing this daunting task. The author actually makes this process fun with her keen wit and sage advice.

“I am truly grateful to her for that since she had me thinking twice on more than one occasion! This book is a real eye-opener and a straightforward, quick read. There are numerous quotes from various people who impart their pearls of wisdom as well. I would highly recommend this must-read book to everyone! Five stars!!”

Joyce Mochrie, Empty Nester and Small Business Owner

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“Mary is so right. I’ve been hanging on to things for all the reasons she said! She encouraged me to go higher and is a source of inspiration! Mary is so positive and explains things perfectly to the point that it was everything I thought and felt. I need to declutter now!”

Maria Cappucci, Public Speaker

“PopUpPurge™ has a unique and valuable approach to decluttering. Rather than focusing on the mechanics of sorting and discarding, this well designed book helps us explore and identify why we hoard and clutter. I especially enjoyed her pop-up challenge where you need to discard 10 items in ten minutes. As I pawed through my closet, I realized the strong emotional pull of possessions when I momentarily wondered if a pair of shoes could count as two items! PopUpPurge™ has earned a permanent place on my crowded bookshelves.”

Deborah Chase, Author & Founder, Fashion Flash Influencer Group

“The subliminal messaging throughout that this is not even so much about the things in my house as it is about the things in my head —and how to unpack those rather large suitcase —wow! I truly learned a lot about myself while reading this book, especially the “why” of certain behaviors and tendencies I have! This was truly a pleasure to read and I found myself already putting some things into practice. I didn’t think I had an excess of unused, unwanted stuff. However, there were some sentimental things kept for no good reason really, which I have now let go!”

CarolAnn Mitchell, Empowerment Coach

“Mary is an incredible writer who has managed to encapsulate what is possible when you make the move to declutter your life. She walks with you as you navigate clearing out not only physical clutter but emotional clutter too. Her gentle nudging and aesthetic quotes will support you on your quest to simplify your inner and outer space. They fill you with the motivation and support to get you where you want to be! A must read for anyone feeling the urge to clear out and move forward!”

Susie E., @liveitallbetter

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