Book Release: PopUpPurge™!

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purchaser the PopUpPurge™ Release Midlife Clutter & Reclaim Inner Clarity book

If decluttering just never gets crossed off your to-do list, the power to purge successfully is now within reach!

If you’re like most, the idea of living in a perfectly curated space with only what you need, use, and want sounds idyllic, right? How heavenly to know where everything is … to have soothing space between your things. But if you’ve given this your best shot and sorted on the basis of what sparks joy, how’d that go? What were you able to release? Were you able to sleep on your bed that night? Or was there an enormous pile of clothing in the way!

Indeed, uncluttering for clarity takes courage. It’s stressful to sift through our Past, which is why we often put it off for another day. But when will that day come?

Well, this is exactly why I wrote my book, “PopUpPurge™ Release Midlife Clutter & Reclaim Inner Clarity”. Because it’s never really just about the stuff. It’s about the emotions we’ve wrapped around our things that has us stuck. When we can face the memories, limiting beliefs, and old stories that hold us hostage, we can begin to let go of what no longer (or maybe never) serves us well. Living lighter is the key to feeling lighter! 

In fact, here are 3 compelling reasons for women over fifty to make 2021 the year of making room for what matters most now:

1. Who is in the house is different.

The kids are grown and on their own. You might be on your own, too,  due to divorce or death. Or maybe you’re in a new relationship. Does the stuff in your house reflect this? Or is your home frozen in time?

2. Our focus has shifted.

Your career may have come to an abrupt end or you’re contemplating a new one. Ready to finally pursue the passion you shelved in the pursuit of being practical? Have you cleared out the stuff from that defunct job?

3. Hello, Me Time!

 You don’t have to shoehorn your personal interests into a calendar bulging with other people’s agendas. Finally, you can be front and center again! But first: is there room in the house for what lights you up now?

Is minimalism the goal of decluttering?

That’s up to you! My philosophy is that there is no magic number for how much to keep of anything … really! We are each unique with our personal interests, the size of our homes, and the number of closets. So maintaining a fabulous boot collection is my own personal jam. But hanging on to place settings and serveware for 16? Not so much! You choose what matters most and release the rest. 

The Wrap

Design the next chapter of your life through letting go of what you no longer need, use or love. Small steps executed regularly add up to big results. That’s the essence of decluttering!

Are you still on the fence? 

Check out this article on the science behind decluttering here

You can also download a sample chapter and then grab your own book over here

What’s your personal decluttering journey been like? Which things are the hardest for you to let go? Drop me a line below to join the convo … And thanks for stopping by!


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