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My blog is chock-full of expert advice to declutter your home!

If You're Unsure Where To Get Started, This Blog Is The Place

Not only do I provide ideas and tips to help you clear space one step at a time. But also, I’ve successfully guided many, many Women Over 50 with making room for what matters most now.

And here’s what I’ve learned: while there are numerous techniques for how to let things go, the real secret is  paying attention to your feelings while you’re decluttering.

You see, our emotions are the true culprits for why we get stuck. And why we don’t finish. And then leave things for another day.

But When Will That Day Come? Let's Make It Today!

Coupled with my insights about releasing the emotions wrapped around our things, my blog shares snack-sized uncluttering concepts to keep you moving forward, into your next fabulous life chapter!

Are you ready for something better? I think you are! 

Check out any of my blog posts. You don’t have to read them in any particular order.

However, this one, Clutter: What Exactly Is It So We Can Confidently Declutter with Clarity? is the best kickoff for understanding how our houses become cluttered.

You’ll start to see your home in a whole new way. And then I know you’ll be eager to dig in and uncover inner clarity. Let’s go!


Prepare For A New Chapter To Unfold!

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