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About Me | My Mission & 5 Fun Facts!

Hi there! I’m Mary V

And I’m an expert space clearer, an obsessive clarity chaser and a passionate lover of all things home beautiful!

/\/\ \/

Which is why I’m here to help get your life a little less cluttered and a whole lot more joyful as you shift into your next life chapter!

/\/\ \/

Because an empty nest becomes jam-packed and stuck in the past, when we hang on to stuff we no longer need, use, or want!

/\/\ \/

Which is why I’m your partner ready to encourage and inspire you with uncovering newfound direction and purpose!


          And also            

                       Space clearing comes naturally to me!                               

Now, I’ll confess: When I young, I sometimes “tidied up” after my parents. Later on, they wondered where their things were! Indeed, this was my first clue that we can control only our own things, no one else’s!

/\/\ \/

I’ve actually owned more houses than cars!

I know, so Un-American! But I love creating a comfortable yet refined home. Each time I entered a different chapter of my life, a new house would be an opportunity to showcase where I was at in my life’s journey!

/\/\ \/

I’m no Marie Kondo!

But with all due respect, if you dump everything from your closet onto your bed, where will you sleep that night?! Instead, let’s sort and organize with small, practical steps. It’s not about racing to finish!

/\/\ \/

                              I met my second husband on a train…really!                                             

In fact, here’s our back-story: we were both Chicago-bound to hear some blues, we connected, and fell in love! ♥ And my favorite child is my adult son from my prior marriage … well, he’s also my one and only child!

/\/\ \/

I have a weakness for shoes!

Last but not least, this is one of the few areas I allow myself to indulge in more than a few…love my kicks!


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Mary V
Mary V
meet mary v

Mary Vraa, CPC, SMM

Master Life Coach and Certified Senior Move Manager

Mary Vraa, CPC, SMM, trained with the renowned industry leader NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers). She received her Master Life Coaching certification with Expert Rating, which is accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has helped hundreds of seniors and midlife women release their clutter and step into their future with confidence and joy. Mary’s prior career as a national project manager provides the underlying foundation for getting complex initiatives done in a focused and structured manner.

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