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Learn about My Own Journey and Mission!

Are you an Empty Nester or Newly On Your Own now? Either way, your life focus is different because who’s in the house is different. You don’t need or want all this stuff…but where to begin? It’s daunting to think about, isn’t it? Where to begin!

Well, for me, space clearing came naturally. Even as a child, I often rearranged my bedroom for a new feel. Displaying only my favorite things made me happy. Years later, I realized that our homes truly represent who we are. They tell stories about what matters to us. This is why it energizes me to help others release what no longer matters. Because I love seeing women light up with their newfound  direction!

An About Face with my Career

It really took root when my corporate career took an unexpected turn. As a result, I decided to go deeper with my passion to live large with less. My first small business helped Seniors downsize and transition to older adult communities. It was eye-opening! They all struggled with making quick decisions on a short timeline. So I encouraged them to focus on keeping what they loved instead of mourning what they left behind. Surely this process could be easier! What if we started sooner?

For this reason, I shifted my focus to Midlife women like me. It’s the best time to make thoughtful choices while you are in control of your new direction. And then I recognized that my extensive Senior Move Management training would be enhanced with a Master Life Coaching certification, as well!

in fact, here’s why: decluttering decisions require that we review our emotional attachments to our physical things. I knew this instinctively and my Feng Shui studies confirmed this, too.

Now, my clients are amazed with their personal decluttering success after they’ve joined my exclusive program. And I am fully armed with expert knowledge and endless enthusiasm to help you, too!

Do you want to feel the serenity of space in your place?

If you’re ready to experience the same results as my clients do, I’d like to invite you to claim one of my complimentary Clutter Busting Consults. Learn about the uplifting feeling you’ll gain with space between your things!

Together, we’ll get clear about your decluttering goals, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a proven plan to enjoy clarity not just in your home but in your next life chapter, as well!

About Mary V

Mary Vraa, CPC, SMM

Mary Vraa, CPC, SMM

Master Life Coach and Certified Senior Move Manager

Mary Vraa, CPC, SMM, trained with the renowned industry leader NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers). She received her Master Life Coaching certification with Expert Rating, which is accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has helped hundreds of seniors and midlife women release their clutter and step into their future with confidence and joy. Mary’s prior career as a national project manager provides the underlying foundation for getting complex initiatives done in a focused and structured manner.

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