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I’m a Perennial Clarity Chaser,

a Word Lover,

and an Aficionado of All Things Home Beautiful!

Just a few short years ago, my corporate career turned upside when a reorganization eliminated my division. As a 25-year veteran in the home mortgage industry, I was stunned!

Now what? I loved helping people achieve their homeownership dreams, so retirement was nowhere on my radar at age 54.

So I reinvented myself: I founded a small business helping Seniors downsize and transition into older adult communities. As I guided folks who weren’t quite ready for the change, I learned a lot!

 When we accept the unexpected, we regain power by actively shaping our next life chapter.

And to be honest, this wasn’t the first time I had to reframe who I was: within two months of a new marriage in 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a very difficult chapter.

I had to decide: Do I want to be defined by this disease? Or will I be refined by this experience?

I am not what happens to me. I am what I choose to do next!

...and Now I Write!

I firmly believe the physical decluttering process should start well before it has to occur under duress. Here’s why: 

Stepping freely into any new life chapter calls for letting go of the emotional baggage that still lurks inside all of us. And much of that is represented by the stuff in our homes.

I ended in-person downsizing services in 2020 (Covid-19 concerns). Then I shifted my focus to writing about Uncovering Clarity after 40.

This decade is a natural crossroads for one life chapter to be winding down and a new one to begin. With kids grown and on their own, we can finally put ourselves first!

Here is where the magic can begin.

By releasing our Past with Grace, we can find Peace with our Present. And then we can Shift into our Future with confident expectancy and joy!

What’s your new direction going to be? Let’s uncover it together!

Mary V, Ruby and Luna

My Resumé for Inquiring Minds

Mary Vraa

Author, Writer and Speaker

Mary published “PopUpPurge™ Release Midlife Clutter & Reclaim Inner Clarity” in 2020.

In 2016, she built a small business which helped Seniors transition to older adult communities in metro Scottsdale, AZ. Her training came from the renowned industry leader NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers). She subsequently earned her Master Life Coaching certification with Expert Rating, which is accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

She continues encouraging all people, no matter their age, to release their clutter and to step into their future with confidence.

Mary’s prior career as a mortgage loan officer and later, as a national project manager, provided the underlying foundation to oversee complex initiatives and to complete them in a focused and structured manner.

She graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Mary resides in Cave Creek, Arizona with her beloved husband and 2 spoiled rescue Chihuahua mixes, Ruby and Luna.

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