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You Don't Need, Use Or Want It ...

Declutter your Closet

A Bulging Wardrobe with Multiple Sizes

… but they might fit again some day!

declutter your knickknackss

Oodles of Knickknacks Hidden in Boxes

… but they belonged to your parents!

declutter your paper and office

Stacks of Documents in the Home Office

… but you’re not sure where to begin!

Hi There! I'm Mary V!

Your Midlife decluttering guide

I help Women Over Fifty with releasing the things that hold them back. We clear space for what matters now!


I write & speak about inner Clarity

Because it’s not just about the stuff … it’s about the emotions we’ve wrapped around them that has us stuck!

A confident shift into your future is possible

Are you ready to uncover midlife relevancy? Let’s do this together!
Mary Vraa, Decluttering Guide

Mary Vraa, CPC, SMM

"I was able to purge a LOT..."

Susie, Montreal, CA

“Mary, because of your words about the emotional attachment to things, I was able to purge a LOT of things I’d been holding onto for a long time, like my children’s books and crafts. I’ve since emptied FOUR closets and TWO rooms. Thanks to you, I was able to do this with my mind at peace and I didn’t feel sad!”

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Deciding what to keep and what to let go from a well lived life can feel heavy!

Everything you see and touch has meaning for you. 

 I’m here to help you start clearing space for your future … one step at a time!

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