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You Don't Need, Use Or Want It...But

A Bulging Wardrobe with Multiple Sizes

…but they could fit again some day!

Oodles of Knickknacks Hidden in Boxes

…but they belonged to your parents!

Stacks of Documents in the Home Office

…but you’re not motivated to dig in!

Ring, Ring: Why Midlife Mayhem Was My Wakeup Call!

How I Cleared My Way to a New Season

My passion for helping women declutter began in my 40’s when I was juggling roles as a wife, a mother and a business executive. That is until I experienced a health crisis. And I became an Empty Nester. And then my work position was eliminated. One by one, these events demanded that I figure out, “What matters now? What next?”

I began by letting go all sorts of things that felt like clutter and I’ll be honest: it wasn’t always easy! But I developed a routine that helped me remain positive and optimistic. When I realized the life changing power of space clearing, I knew this was a skill that I wanted to share with others like me.

So I started with opening a downsizing business. I learned first-hand about the emotional struggles of transitioning into a smaller space. For more insights, I then earned my Master Life Coaching Certification.

Now, I help so many women release the things that hold them back. Together, we uncover a new focus for their next season. A confident shift into the future is possible and it would be an honor to help launch yours, too!

Mary Vraa, CPC, SMM

Replace Chaos with Calm

Retain only what you need, use and love now!

Look and Feel Fabulous

Curate a closet with clothes that fit and flatter now!

Uncover your Next Purpose

Identify your new Midlife passion and direction now!

Why does letting stuff go seem so hard? Everyone seems to have perfectly curated homes when you scroll through Instagram, yet yours is groaning with way too much clutter. As overwhelming as it feels to begin, there is a way to clear space.

Successfully uncluttering a home requires certain steps to be taken in a specific order. When you know what they are, and you have an expert to guide you along the way, you’ll finally relish living in a home that supports your new season. To learn more about my program or to apply for a spot now, click the button below.

"I was able to purge a LOT..."

Susie, Montreal, CA

“Mary, because of your words about the emotional attachment to things, I was able to purge a LOT of things I’d been holding onto for a long time, like my children’s books and crafts. I’ve since emptied FOUR closets and TWO rooms. Thanks to you, I was able to do this with my mind at peace and I didn’t feel sad!”

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Deciding what to keep and what to let go from a well lived life can be overwhelming. Everything you see and touch has meaning for you. It’s hard to know where to start! That changes when you have an expert by your side to show you the way forward. With my Clutter Busting Consult, you’ll learn how to meaningfully clear space for your future. There are only a limited number of free slots available each month so don’t miss out on the opportunity for your one-on-one clarity chat!

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